Music and Musical Sound Design

for Games, Film, and Listening


The Pathfinder

ViZARTS Encounters - The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder was made in a ViZARTS workshop on Virtual Production workflows. The film was directed by Edith Tvede, who also acted, and produced by Amunet Studio. I made the music and sound for the film.

Watch The Pathfinders - A Quest for Final Pixels in Camera: Behind the Scenes for interviews with the cast and crew about the making of the film.

Shrug Island - The Meeting

Shrug Island - The Meeting, Release Trailer

Shrug Island - The Meeting is a musical adventure game about reconnecting friendship, nature and hidden pasts. Alina Constantin was the director and visual artist and I was composer and sound designer. Vocals are by Jullie Hjetland


I am a composer and pianist and work with creative technologies in a career that has been a winding journey through music and the sciences.

Often found in the company of fiddlers, singers, filmmakers, and game developers, I have performed internationally, accompanying artists as varied as Athena Tergis and Lukas Graham.

Originally from Boston and trained in physics and math, I became an Assoc. Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and specialized in computer game prototyping and sound design.

More recently, Alina Constantin and I co-founded the game studio Tiny Red Camel and produced the adventure game Shrug Island - The Meeting. Currently I am exploring the workflow for music and sound in virtual production for film.


Tergis Rose

This is a set of Irish tunes from a performance together with Athena Tergis.

We have more videos on YouTube

Fromseier Rose

These tracks are from the recording Contradiction, made with Ditte Fromseier when we had a duo in the early 2000s.

The two tunes in the first track were written by Jason Twamley and myself, respectively. The second track is a traditional Scottish ballad sung by Niamh Parsons. And the third track is one of my piano solos.

Takaka Rain

Alan Doherty and I wrote Takaka Rain on a rainy afternoon in Copenhagen. This recording features Alan with his band ALDOC, and their wonderful arrangement and performance of the tune.

If you go to GAA sports events in Ireland you can hear this track during the pre-game ceremonies.

Tunes with Caoimhín

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh is a master interpreter and innovator in Irish music. We once spent a weekend exploring the textures of hardanger fiddle and piano. The resonance of the fiddle’s drone strings added an enchanting layer to the sound.

The first tune is traditional Irish, the second was written by Caoimhín, and the third by me.